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Water Damage

In South Florida, water damage comes in many forms. A massive hurricane shears off your roof and water streams down on your possessions. Endless summer rains create an indoor cascade in your kitchen. Your leaky upstairs toilet comes crashing through the ceiling while you are away on vacation for the week. 1st Step Restoration is there to clean up and restore no matter how the damage is done.  Water damage is the #1 reason for most insurance claims. In order to avoid recurring issues, getting the repairs done right the first time is crucial if you want to save time, money and stress.

1st Step Restoration gets to the source of your problems with Thermography, the most reliable, high-tech process in the flood restoration industry. Our thermography trained technicians use an infrared camera to detect where your water is originating from and which areas are being affected. Once we zero in on the leaks and weak damage, all affected areas must be dried thoroughly to prevent wood warping, metal rusting, electrical fires and the spread of mold so prevalent in our warm, humid South Florida climate.

Many choose 1st Step Restoration over other water restoration companies to repair your water damaged home or business. Our experienced technicians will work quickly to identify the source of the water, extract as much as possible and get the critical drying phase underway immediately. We use the latest technology to dry, clean and sanitize the damaged areas. Finally, we’ll repair the damaged areas and restore your property to its original condition.

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